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RAR Problem in version 9

Windows users -- the race is on between you and the next hack.  Win the race by disabling Symantec Antivirus from scanning .rar files.

Here is how:
1) double click your Symantec Antivirus icon in the 
   lower right corner of your screen to bring up its GUI 

2) click configure
3) click File System Auto-Protect 4) click the check box to exclude selected files and folders
5) in the same screen click exclusions 6) In the next screen click extensions
7) type rar next to the add button 8) Then click the add button
9) click OK until you get to the main screen then exit.

Okay, that should protect you from the latest hole in XP security uncovered by Alex Wheeler.

Here are the details from the Washington Post:

"Alex Wheeler, a security researcher who recently left Internet Security Systems' said there is a problem in the way that Symantec's software unwraps RAR files, a form of file compression similar to ZIP files. Wheeler found that a virus or worm hidden inside a specially crafted RAR file could be made to run on the user's machine and allow attackers to take complete control over computers running the program"


Potential threats: key loggers, DOS attacks, spam relay, identity theft, etc..




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