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Scarve Juggling Ideas

When vigorously practiced scarve juggling can be a used as a cardio workout. Any toss juggling, but especially scarf juggling will move

For grades K-2:

Follow the Leader
* Students get in squad groups
* When music starts, first person in group leads the group on different pathways around the gym using the scarves in some kind of movement, the rest of the group does the same move
* When music stops, person in the front of the line goes to the back
* When music starts again the new person in the front leads the group with a new movement
* Continue until everyone has had a chance to lead
* Meet in center circle of the gym and everyone at once demonstrates their movement
(Contributed by Caela Nielsen)

Clap and Catch  
Throw and catch the scarf by the end, pull it up into the air and let it go.  Grab it like a cat to catch it.  Try to throw, clap your hands and catch.  How many times can you clap before you catch?  Put one hand behind your back and throw and catch.
(Contributed by Christa Hayes)

Shapes with Two Scarves:
Number 11 by waving both scarves up and down in front of you, one at a time.  What number does that draw?  Bring your arms up and let go of them one at a time.  This makes the number 11 fly in the air.  One hand throws, then the other and then catch, catch.
.The X by throwing the scarves in the X shape and then catching in the X shape.
(Contributed by Christa Hayes)

Circle toss with everyone standing in a circle with one scarf each.  On signal, everyone throws their scarf straight up and then moves one space over to catch the scarf that comes down there.  Then try having everyone move over twp spaces at a time.
(Contributed by Christa Hayes)

For small children
      have them draw shapes, numbers, and the alphabet. (many contributed this idea)
* For all ages
      incorporate music and dance (many contributed this idea)