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I still eat. Fish is good eh?

Here is an old recipe:

Ginger Snapper

1 lb fresh red snapper
½ thumb size chunk of fresh ginger
dry white wine
½ lemon
canola oil, grape seed oil or bacon greese

This is actually a great way to fry any fish. Here is how I do it. First slice up the ginger into very thin pieces or shred it with a fine grater (ouch, watch those fingers) Some people really get carried away with ginger. I am one of those people.

Next pour the oil in the frying pan. According to most kitchen scientists the oil should be about 325 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit

As for the fish you need to brown it at about 350 degrees and then let it cook, but not too long. Flip it over as soon as it is brown. Using a meat thermometer you can judge the legal eating temperature. Just don’t over-cook it. Brown on both sides is good. And because you are such a generous soul you could share your dry white wine with the fish who is giving its flesh to you. So pour a little wine on the poor soul and let it enjoy the spirits. If you over cook it you won’t die of some fish borne disease, and if you under cook it you can call it sushi. That’s the way I do it and you can too.


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