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Outlook Problems
1) Too much e-mail? There is a 2 Gig limit on email pst files
How do you check on the size?
First find the file. This can be done via the find file command found by clicking start/search and look for *.pst
Which might find it in a locations such as:
C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst
Where YourUserName is the name you sign on to Windows as. It is sometimes given a default of owner.

2) File is under the 2 gig limit and you are still wonky?
     When in Outlook go to help/detect & repair -- this might help.

3) When all else fails you can try going to the start button/settings/control panel/add remove programs
     Reinstall Office - This will probably require an office disk.

Other e-mail problems

You get an e-mail that was forwarded from a Macintosh and it comes all busted up into a zillion files.
Request that the sender resend the message from a new message not a forwarded message. They can usually do this by copying from the original message and pasting into a brand new message. This problems stems from OS/X Mail inability to convert HTML files into Rich Text when forwarding. OS/X Mail reads HTML but doesn't send HTML files well. We are hoping that Apple programmers will repair this soon.

Here are some recommendations for adapting to the ever-frequent outings of e-mail servers

1) If you haven't already done so sign up for at least one external e-mail account. Gmail and Yahoo are commonly used sources for free accounts.

2) If you are running out of space on your e-mail server get a gmail.com account. Need to send large files? Not a problem! They give you a gigabyte of space. I have one of these accounts and it has saved me all kinds of grief. Gordon or I are happy to help you setting this up.

3) Learn how to use more than one account. Outlook, Mozilla and Thunderbird all support multiple accounts.

4) If you are confident that the problem is with ISP-IT e-mail infrastructure call and log your problem. They need to know where and when things aren't right.

5) If you want to insure that your message is readable by everyone use plain text formatting if possible. Some mail programs do not render html. In fact some have issues with non-text anything. It might not look as pretty but at least text is readable.

If you receive an unreadable file named winmail.dat try downloading this program and using it to read it: http://www.magicwinmail.net/wmparser/
Here is an article on this problem: http://www.nwfusion.com/columnists/2004/112904drinternet.html


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