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Fixing Things

It is very likely that an integrated circuit or some such impossible electronic part is zapped or broken forever and you shouldn't waste your valuable time on such a trivial problem. However, if you are a victim of your urge to fix such things, like myself here are some guidelines.

Phase 1

* visual inspection
* look for loose connections or cracks in anything
* check to make sure all the screws are tight enough
(Sometimes a loose screw is part of an electrical connection)
* use air to clean out any dust or other obstructions to sensors
* make sure all the rollers roll the correct way and work

Phase 2

* find your digital camera
* take pictures as you go along to remember how to put it back together
* tape screws near where they go after taking them out so you don't forget where they go
* try to find out how to take it apart -- manuals are very handy for this
* be very careful with laser assemblies - if it goes out of alignment the game is over
* look for broken things
* try to fix broken things

Phase 3

* put things back the way you found them except for the parts you fixed.

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