Mozilla Firefox Issues

The Basics:

Upgrade or installation

Step # 1) Visit this URL
and look for the option of downloading the latest version of Firefox. It is usually the first thing you see. Click on that option

Step # 2) Download the latest program and save it to disk
Step # 3) Right click and check the downloaded program for viruses
Step # 4) Double click the downloaded program and answer the appropriate questions appropriately.

If at anytime you become confused ask Gordon or Jim for advice.

---------Trixes, Fixes and Patches ----------------------------------------


Problem: Click a link and it doesn't seem to find it.


in the location bar, then look for the line:

browser.xul.error_pages.enabled and change its value to true

Additional fixes (suggested down the page)

actually there are 2 prefs which may help the problem

"network.prefetch-next" change value to "false"
" network.http.pipelining" change to "false"

More FireFox Trix here

Special Thanks to the amazing Gordon Nelson who dug this gem out of the online Mozillazine forum (

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Page Updated September 13, 2005