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I love playing music with Denise. We have been playing lots of Irish music lately.

Concertina player check out the new CD and the gigs coming up.

Here is a picture of me juggling to loosen up before playing guitar in Holland.

Here are some events I have and will play:

Tunes Tunes Tunes - Transcriptions and more

Amanda Kerr Fiddle Lessons

I am a muscian with my wife Denise Martin.

See Denise's fabulous Website:
Denise Martin's Web site
 Bands I play in and people I play with

Jubilee - Performing since 1982, Jubilee includes top-notch fiddler Shonti Elder from Wasilla, Alaska, and occasionally flutist Elsa Aegerter. We specialize in traditional dance music, and often play for square/contra dances put on by Dancing Bears. We also play at weddings, parties and festivals. We've produced one recording as a group, "A Welcome Sound."

Anchor Steam -
Is not currently gigging. They had great musicians with busy lives. The members included Patty Hamre, bass; Mike Richardson, fiddle; Denise Martin, dulcimer & concertina; Dave Hamre, mandolin; Jim Kerr, guitar & John Michaud, banjo.

Amanda Kerr - is my favorite fiddler and daugther. And upon lucky occasion I am honored to accompany her fiddling with my guitar.

All info, and a mail-in order form is on Denise's site: Saturday Sensation, Christmas in the Air, A Welcome Sound, One Moment Forever. They are all locally-produced in Anchorage and include many of my on original compositions, including:Aliens/On Parade;; Bear Paw Ramble; Tub Reel; Scarecrow ; The Jolly Punk Rocker (jig and reel); and Walking to China
We Love Theme Parties

If you need live music with a specific theme, such as Christmas, Irish, Renaissance, or Alaskan Sourdough, we can dress the part. Our repertoire with its variety of styles can add hours of festive music to any event. And I cand juggle too.

Intruments I play

Guitar -- Hey, by the way here is a link to some great blank chord chart paper in PDF format created by Denise Martin

Mandolin -- I've transcribed scores of tunes for my mandolin students.

Bass -- Mostly play with the Empty Nesters old time band.

Fiddle -- I don't play this insturment anymore. I have written several fiddle tunes when I played it.

Banjo -- I play mostly Irish music on the 4-stringed tenorJIM KERR—JUGGLER banjo.