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 ASD Summer Academy 2007 & 2008 Juggling and Movement for Teachers PE 590.405

Instructional Video Clips Taken at the 2008 Class :

How to do a juggling club flourish

How to make a lariat do a small flat spin

Speed Stacking (by Caela Nielsen)

Ideas that have come from the class:

Scarve Juggling Techniques

Peacock Feather Balancing


This is something I always wanted to do and finally for two awesome days we moved and juggled. Unlike working with kids, teachers actually pay attention, and follow instructions; and that was essential given the class size of 25.

Teaching this class posed the extraordinary challenge of teaching a wide range of skills to people who not only needed to learn the skills but also teach the skills to a wide range of students. To respond to this challenge I broke the class into approximately one hour segments. Each segment started with the same warm ups that grew progressively more complex with each new segment.

The same approach was used to teach the skills. Each segment started very elementary and slowly built on complexity until everyone's potential was met. The basic skills were repeated at least twice a day -- scarves, balls, rings, sticks.

It's like the saying goes - "Learn by Teaching."

2007 great ideas were suggested:

For all props:
* Break the class into groups.
      Have different stations for each group to go to.
      This will allow for more people to try out a limited
      number of juggling props.
* Spend time getting ready to juggle -
      breath, stretch, relax and visualize
      before you actually try to juggle.
* Get a copy of catalogs and make recomendations
      about props for this Web site

For small children
      have them draw shapes, numbers, and the alphabet.
* For all ages
      incorporate music and dance


There were many other great ideas and I will post them as I remember them. Hopefully the papers will remind me of them. Speaking of papers...

I have begun to grade the papers and have learned some new things, but they will have to wait until later because I am going to bed now.

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